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Although it’s not fun to think about, accidents and illnesses can strike anywhere and can be particularly stressful if you’re visiting another city and don’t know where to go. Stress no more - help is nearby!

Basic Medical Supplies
If all you need are Band-Aids and some ibuprofen, the CVS Pharmacy at 10th and Main or Cosentino’s Downtown Market at 13th and Main are convenient and open late and on weekends. Several drug stores can also be found along the way between downtown and the Plaza and Westport areas, and they generally have late-night and weekend hours.

Walk-In Clinics
For quick sprains or mild illness, a walk-in clinic might be your best bet. Research Urgent Care (920 Main St.) is right in the middle of the downtown loop, open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Concentra Clinics are open Monday-Friday at 200 Southwest Blvd in the Crossroads and 599 Armour Road in North Kansas City. The Walgreen’s Take Care Clinic at 3845 Broadway has Saturday and Sunday daytime clinic hours, between downtown and the Plaza-Westport area.

Emergency Rooms
Sometimes a full-fledged emergency room visit is necessary. The nearest to downtown is Truman Medical Center, located on Hospital Hill just south of downtown at 2301 Holmes Street. For the younger visitors, Children’s Mercy Hospital is just around the corner at 2401 Gilham Road. Farther south, near the Plaza-Westport area, you’ll find Saint Luke’s Hospital at 4401 Wornall Road and the University of Kansas Hospital at 3901 Rainbow Blvd. If you’re closer to the river when the need arises, North Kansas City Hospital is just a short trip from downtown at 2800 Clay Edwards Drive.

Have a fun and safe visit, and as always, tweet questions and include #KC to receive a personalized answer from one of the amazing MLS Social HQ volunteers!

-Amanda Graor, @angraor